Fangyuan attending the Coal Mining Shows in Taiyuan.

In order to expand the markets, Fangyuan attended the coal mining show in Taiyuan, China. During the show, Fangyuan displayed the 5- stack screen szier high frequency vibrating screen, urethane fine screen (Poly Urethane Web fine screen mesh 48-30 ) , one time forming technical and 9 strips on the surface. Similar to Derrick Type with good performance and quality. Also rubber screen panels (including METSO- type. Multotec -Type, flip flow screen panels, Trommel Screen panels, Teepee screen panels. Tension screen panels/ sieve/mats, WS85 series screen mats are all available. 305×305, 305×610, 300×800, 300×1000 . we have machine processing machines in our workshops. just send us the sampels or drawings, we can manufacture with them on low cost and high efficiency.







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Post time: Feb-24-2023