Fangyuan Multi-deck high Frequency Screen is the first  forced and accurate classification equipment for coarse slime used in coal preparation production in China

Fangyuan Multi-deck high Frequency Screen is the first  forced and accurate classification equipment for coarse slime used in coal preparation production in China. It focuses on coarse slime cutting and ash reduction, greatly improves the recovery rate of coarse and clean slime, it has high screening efficiency, low power consumption, energy conservation and consumption reduction, and greatly increases the income for the enterprises.
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Technological transformation background
The clean coal of xinjulong coal preparation plant consists of heavy medium clean coal, flotation clean coal and coarse clean coal slime. The coarse slime and fine coal tailings with low medium weight are recovered after dewatering. With the change of raw coal mining conditions and geological conditions, the amount of gangue in raw coal also increases. Affected by the gangue argillization, the amount of slime in dense medium system increases significantly, the yield of coarse and fine slime increases, and the ash content increases. Due to the high ash content of the coarse cleaned coal slime, in order to ensure the quality of the final cleaned coal, the proportion of the coarse cleaned coal slime entering the final cleaned coal has to be reduced in production, resulting in the loss of cleaned coal. Therefore, in 2013, Xinjulong coal preparation plant, together with China University of mining and technology and our company, carried out technical transformation on the process equipment of the coal preparation plant.

Technical Innovation
Through the comparison and demonstration of various schemes, the technical scheme of "efficient and accurate classification of coarse and clean coal slime" is finally determined to reduce the impact of high ash fine slime on the ash content of coarse and clean coal slime, that is, Fangyuan FY-HVS-1500 Multi stack high-frequency fine screens replace the arc vibrating screen for accurate classification and screening of coarse and clean coal slime.

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Xinjulong coal preparation plant quoted three Fangyuan 5- stack high-frequency screens produced by our company to replace the originally designed vibrating arc screen to cut and deslim the coarse and clean coal slime. According to their screening test report and through the comparative test of screens with different apertures, the ash reduction effect of 0.32mm screen is the best for the coarse and clean coal slime of the plant. Therefore, we replaced the arc screen with 0.5mm screen slot with the five stack high-frequency screen with 0.32mm polyurethane screen produced by our company .

Technical Transformation Conclusion
The yield of -0.32mm particle size fraction in the feed of multi stack high frequency sieve is 34.12%, and the ash content in the feed is 16.61%, after sieving with 0.32mm multi stack high-frequency sieve, the content of -0.32mm particle size fraction on the sieve is reduced to 20.70%, 13.43% lower than that before sieving, and the ash content on the sieve is 10.91%, 5.7% lower than that before sieving.
The above test data show that the screen mesh is 0.32mm, and the multi stack high-frequency screen machine has remarkable effects in coarsening, desliming and ash reduction. The "back ash" of coarse and clean coal is greatly reduced. At the same time, due to the change of 0.5mm screen gap to 0.32mm screen, the yield of clean coal in the system is increased by 2.14%, and the economic benefit is as high as ¥190 million yuan.

Post time: Mar-12-2022