TPU Hot-melt Wire Mesh

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TPU Hot-melt Wire Meshes are suitable for the screening and separating for medium-sized materials with an aperture of 5mm-40mm of particals in mining, coal, building materials and other industries. They are pretty suitable for dry separation and winnowing separation with high open area.
The panels are acid and alkali resistant, high temperature resistant, waterproof, fireproof and antistatic,suitable for screening and separation of medium-sized materials with aperture of 5mm-40mm.

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● TPU Steel Wire inside screen meshas the advantages of light weight, high screening efficiency,  non- plugging, anti-friction, anti-impact, anti-tearing, long life.
●Low noise, convenient installation and high comprehensive benefit, etc. it is widely used in mining, coal and other industries, and it is suitable for the material screening of medium size.


TPU Hot-melt Wire Mesh

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