Polyurethane Modular Screen Panel

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Polyurethane modular screen meshes and PU panels are widely used in the classification of vibrating screen in mining, metallurgy, coal, coke, coal washing, petroleum, chemical industry and other industries. There are thousands of molds for various screen meshes, also there are molds processing machines in our workshop, just send the drawing or sample, we can design as it. Normal specifications such as 305x305mm, 305x610mm, 300x800mm, 300x1000mm, 300x1200mm.

Product Detail

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●  Super wear resistance, light weight and high separation efficiency.
●  Non-plugging, anti-friction, anti-impact, anti-tearing, long using life, low noise, easy installation.
● Small maintenance workload, low cost and improving the high production efficiency. It is a new generation replacement of the steel platepunching screen mesh, steel wire woven screen mesh, stainless steel screen mesh and rubber screen mesh.


Various types apertures (slots/meshes) all can be designed as clients’ requests.

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The installation types include clip rail type, rail seat type and tension type, easy to install, disassemble and replace.


Technology Core

● The screen panels are blanked out and reinforced over the support bar areas to prevent from wearing and ensure the installation.
●  The impact areas are blanked out and made thicker.
●  There are the reinforcement strips on the screen panels to ensure the correct tension and keep the shape u-nder the load.
●  The edges of screen panels have been machined and reinforced, which can make a perfect seal between screenp-anels.
●  Bolt down holes are designed in appropriate places to ensure the accurate center location.
●  The slots of the screen panels are tapered in design, no blinding and high efficiency.


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