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Fangyuan Polyurethane Dewatering Screen Panels are widely used for dehydration and demineralization in metal ( such as iron, copper, tungsten, lithium) and non-metal materials(sand, sillicon), coal slime and other mining.
Thousands of molds are available, such as 305x305mm, 305x610mm, 610x610mm, also there are mold processing machines in our workshop, ensuring the quality and delivery time. All sizes can be designed as clients’ requests.

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● Polyurethane linear dewatering screen panels have the advantages of light weight, small load, small power consumption of screen machine, good dehydration effect, high processing capacity, high production efficiency, low noise, high efficiency, energy saving, environmental protection, high opening rate, etc.
● It is a suitable product for dehydration and medium removal.
● Polyurethane products can save energy, reduce consumption and increase benefit for the enterprises.

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The installation methods include clip rail type and rail seat type, which are convenient for installation , easy to disassemble and replace. The modular screen panels with small size can save a lot costs compared with the large size, just replace the broken small piece instead the whole big piece. The normal sizes are 305x305, 305x610 and 300x800, other sizes all can be customized because we have mold processing machines, just send the drawing or samples, we can produce as them.
Polyurethane Dewatering Screen Panels have long service life and large bearing capacity. The production material of polyurethane dewatering screen belongs to polymer organic elastomer, which has anti-wear property, flexion flexibility and large bearing capacity. The production raw materials of polyurethane screen panels have been specially treated to ensure that they will  not delamination under long-term alternating load. It has excellent elasticity and relaxation performance, which can be well avoided the hole blocking under high-frequency vibration, so as to improve the screening efficiency.




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